A Century of Service, 1921-2021 Centennial Celebration Southern California Yachting Association



How come you can go down to the water, jump into a boat and race it? How is it that you have so many choices on what kind of sailing or boating you want to do and have so many vessels to choose from to do it in? We should all stop for a few minutes and consider the people who came before us and designed the boats, wrote the rules, updated and changed both the boats and the rules as the times changed. Also, the people who chose to lead the world on the water, taking chances, sailing every day to improve, saving the funds to get out and take their boats to the limits, and to those who made it to the top in competition.

For instance, here are just a few names that we all know; Dennis Connor, Frank Butler, Peggy Slater, Nathanael Herreshoff, Ben Ainslie, Bruce Farr, Bruce Nelson, Olin Stephens, Paul Elvstrom, Owen Churchill… We could go on and on.

Here we will be highlighting some of those VIPs that took our sport and grew the possibilities for you and me. This is truly an ongoing project that will be added to frequently. All are invited to share what you have on historical people who have moved us in many ways to make our days on the water safer, easier to join in, and to be more fun. Please use the Contact Form to share your information, one of the SCYA History Team members will be in touch.

Let’s learn about our VIPs:

A very generous racer who not only won often on the race course, but donated a beautiful trophy to encourage more people to get involved. Donald W. Douglas donated the Endymion Trophy with that express purpose.

Read more about Douglas and his historical donation HERE >>>

Owen Churchill was an Olympic class sailor and winner. He also designed the first set of swim fins!

Read more about Owen Churchill HERE>>>


Star Champion, Lipton Cup Champion, America’s Cup sailor, Malin was inducted into the 2016 Sailing Hall of Fame class with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Read more about Malin Burnham HERE>>>

Check back often and explore with us.

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