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Pacific Writers Yacht Club and burgee

Article written by Staff Commodore Shawn Milligan
Data from the 1935 Yacht Register of Southern California

1935 Board of Directors

HARVEY GATES ———- Vice Commodore
FRANKLIN HANSEN —- Rear Commodore
RUSSEL COLLER ————— Fleet Captain
SEATON D. MILLER ————- Port Captain
MILTON L. CASHY —- Secretary Treasurer

The Pacific Writers Yacht Club (P.W.Y.C.) was founded in 1933 by Hollywood screenwriters and avid yachtsmen who collectively scripted 100s of films during the beginning of Hollywood’s “golden age” in the 1920s and 1930s. Formed during the Great Depression in 1933, P.W.Y.C.’s roots can be traced all the way back to Southern California Yachting Association’s inception in 1921. In an effort to help promote the sport of yacht racing in Southern California, Hollywood elite were turned to because of their world wide recognition. This effort is well documented with regards to the S.C.Y.A. Midwinter Regatta which was started in 1928 in an effort to bring a nationally recognized yacht race to Southern California waters. Hollywood screenwriters helped to promote yacht racing in Southern California through their connections in Hollywood and also loaned their boats to Hollywood starlets and guests from other areas of the United States. You can learn more about the Midwinters and Hollywood HERE >>>

Among the many significant luminary individuals of P.W.Y.C. were members such as the 1935 commodore and experienced yachtsman, Richard Schayer who scripted such movies as Frankenstein and The Mummy, featuring Boris Karloff. Another noteworthy member was the 1933 Vice Commodore, Malcom Stuart Boyland who was not only an accomplished screen writer but was also credited with the founding of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

During the Pacific Writers Yacht Clubs existence, they became known as the “Swiss Navy” and they made their “home port” the Isthmus at Catalina Island. P.W.Y.C. membership required, without fail, that you be a Hollywood screen writer and own a boat. This was not a requirement of many yacht clubs back then or even today.


(Known as P.W.Y.C., an early member of SCYA)
Below you will find the Members of PWYC, along with their boat names/specifications and yacht club affiliations

Arlen, Richard “JOBYNA-R”: Cruiser; 48’x11’6″x4′; 2 Gas. Designed by E. B. Schock, built at Los Angeles, 1926. Member of P.W.Y.C., C.Y.C & C.I.Y.C.

Boylan, Malcom Stuart “CHULA”: Schooner; 34’x27’X10’x5’6″; Gray 4-30. Designed and built by August Hansen, 1929. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Buckingham, Ann Ridgeway “MARAMEL”: Schooner; 48’x32’x12’6″x6’6″; Gray 4-30. Designed by Hand; built at Seattle. Member of P.W.Y.C., C.I.Y.C & Coronado Y.C.

Buckingham, Tom “MARAMEL”: Schooner; 48’x32’x12’6″x6’6″; Gray 4-30. Designed by Hand; built at Seattle. Member of P.W.Y.C., C.I.Y.C & Coronado Y.C.

Cashy, L. Milton “MIRUBO”: Cruiser; 38’x9’6″x4′; Kermath; Hand Plans; built by Munset, 1928. Member of P.W.Y.C. & C.I.Y.C.

Charlie Chaplin's Boat

Charilie Chaplin’s Panacea at the Harbor Boat & Yacht Company, San Diego in 1946. Photo is owned by San Diego History Center, under copyright. Visited 3/2/2021 https://library.ucsd.edu/dc/object/bb6315192z

Chaplin, Charles “PANACEA”: Cruiser; 55’x13’x4′; 2 Hall Scotts. Designed and built by Stephens Bros., 1931. Member of C.Y.C. & P.W.Y.C. **Note: History suggests that Mr. Chaplin was an “honorary member” of P.W.Y.C. as he was eligible as a screen writer and an actor. Early newspaper articles speak of him accompanying P.W.Y.C. on cruises while awaiting club membership.

Coller, Russell “WIMPY II” : “S” Sloop; 27’6″x7’6″x4’9″; Gray 4-20 Design and built by Herreshoff, 1927. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Freulich, Henry “HELENE”: Sloop; 30’6″x6’x5′; Universal 15 h.p. Designed and built by Herreshoff, 1924. Member of P.W.Y.C. & C.Y.C.

Gates, Harvey “NEW MOON”: 42’x33’x10’6″x7′; Gray4-30. Designed by C.D. Meyer; built by Ballard at Seattle, 1913. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Hansen, Franklin “ANANDA”: Yawl 43’6″x12’x7′; Mianus 40 h.p. Designed and built by W.F. Stone San Francisco, 1916. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Jones, Grover “SUSANNE A (MY)”: Member of P.W.Y.C.

MacLean, Douglas “COMRAD”: Cruiser; 65’X12’X5’4″; 2 Hall Scotts, 550 h.p. Designed by L. E. Geary; built by Blanchard, Seattle, 1924. Member of P.W.Y.C. & C.Y.C.

McNutt, William Slavens ‘FAYTH”: Ketch; 44’x39’x11’4″x6’6″; Gas, Colin Arche, Designer; built by Quan Lee, Hong Kong, China, 1921. Member of P.W.Y.C. & S.B.Y.C.

Middleton, Tom “BAMBINA”: Sloop; 24’x6’x4′; Power, none. Designed and built by,

Aarup, 1929. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Miller, Seaton “LUCKY LADY IV”: Cruiser; 45’x11’6″x3’6″; Twin Gas, Designed by Ted Geary; built by Lake Union Shipbuilding Co. 1929. Member of P.W.Y.C. & C.Y.C.

Milner, Victor “MARVIC”: Cruiser; 40’x11’x3′; Kermath 150 h.p. Designed and built by Wilmington Boat Works, 1923. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Mitchell G. A. “RIPPLE”: Ketch; 89’67’x20’3″x10″; Winton Diesel, 6 cyl. Designed by John G. Alden; built by Geo. Lawley & Son Corp., 1927. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Morgan, Frank “ALMA M”: Motor Sailor; 44’7″x13’2″x5’3″; Gas 30 h.p. Desi8gned and built by Wm. Mueller, 1903. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Rosher, Charles “FILIA MARIS”: Ketch; 41’x35’x11’6″; Universal 4-30. Designated and built by Fulton Marine Construction Co. 1915. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Rubin, Jacob, Walter “BUTCHER BOY”: Sloop; 29’x9’x4’6″; Gray Light 4. Deigned by Moniah Dwartdie; Built at San Fransisco, 1903. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Schayer, Richard “CHEERIO II”: Aux. Yawl; 47’x12’6″x6’6″; Universal 25 h.p. Designed and built by Fellows & Stewart, 1931. Member of P.W.Y.C., L.A.Y.C., C.Y.C., C.I.Y.C., S.C.C.Y.C & L.B.Y.C.

Schneiderman, Geo “VIVIENNE”: Cruiser; 42’8″x10’6″x3′; 2 Gas 200 h.p. Designed and built by Stephens Bros. , Stockton, 1930. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Seaton, Miller J. “LUCKY LADY IV”: Cruiser; 45’x11’6″x3’6″; Twin Gas. Designed by Ted Geary; built by Lake Shipbuilding Co, 1929. Member of P.W.Y.C. & C.Y.C

Seiter, William A. “CIELITO II”: Motor Sailer; 52’x14’x6′; Sterling 130 h.p. Designed by Hand; built by Peveto, San Diego, 1927. Member og P.W.Y.C., C.Y.C & C.I.Y.C.

Selander, R.L. “IHRIG”: Sloop; 34’X12’X5’6″; Gray 4-30. Design and built by W. F. Stone, at Oakland, 1909. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Sturges, Preston “DESTINY”: Schooner 62’x17’x7′; Superior Diesel 50 h.p. Designed by D.M. Callis; built by Ashbridge 1934. Member of P.W.Y.C & C.Y.C.

Thew, Harvey “VIVIENNE (MY)”: Member of P.W.Y.C.

Vidor, King “RUNAWAY” : Cruiser; 52’x11’6″x3’6″; 2 Kermath, 300 h.p. Designed by L.E. Geary; built by Lake Union Dry Dock Co. Seattle 1931. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Walker, Vernon “LURABELLE III”: Cruiser; 45’x12’x3′; Twin Kermaths 6-150. Designed by Henry C. Greebe Co., Chicago; built by Morris Watkins, 1935. Member of P.W.Y.C.

Willis, J. Ed “CIRCE”: Cruiser; 34’x9’6″x2’6″; Elco Wsm. Designed and built by Elco Boat Works, Year unknown. Member OF P.W.Y.C.

Wilson, Howard “WIMPY”: Sloop; 20’x6’8″x2’6′; Gray, 5 h.p. Built in 1926. Member of P.W.Y.C.

** P.W.Y.C. List of members generated above is from the 1935 Yacht Registery of Southern California

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