A Century of Service, 1921-2021 Centennial Celebration Southern California Yachting Association


Associate Member Yacht Club – There were no entries for this category in 2020… an opportunity missed?
Regular Member Yacht Club – Seal Beach Yacht Club
Senior Member Yacht Club – American Legion Yacht Club
Commodore’s Awards (80% completion of all judging catagories)
Senior Member Yacht Club: King Harbor Yacht Club
Regular Member Yacht Club: Not awarded in 2020
Associate Member Yacht Club: Not awarded in 2020

Pandemic Powerhouse Performance Awards- To recognize an exceptional year for our member clubs, we initiated this special award for 2020.
Senior Member Yacht Club: Dana West Yacht Club
Regular Member Yacht Club: Seal Beach Yacht Club
Associate Member Yacht Club: Port Royal Yacht Club
Honorary Mention: Oasis Sailing Club

Peggy Slater Memorial Award was presented for the 31st time to a female involved in the sport of sailing who best demonstrates outstanding contributions to the enhancement of women’s participation in sailing.This year’s awardee is a long-time sailboat racer both inshore and offshore, a sailing coach and mentor, a community sailing advocate, a US Coast Guard Master Captain, a spokeswoman and a model for diversity in the sailing community, a Staff Commodore of Los Angeles Yacht Club and an inspiration to many women, both new sailors and “old salts”. Marie Rogers is the 2020 Peggy Slater Memorial Award recipient.

Warren Ewert Memorial Trophy: This trophy is awarded for “Distinguished service to SCYA in the true Corinthian spirit”. SCYA Staff Commodore, Thom Page was nominated by California Yacht Club, and is the recipient of this notable award. We recognize him for his seventeen years of service to SCYA and the yachting community.

George and Kay Fisher Memorial Trophy: This trophy is “Awarded to a couple who has rendered distinguished service to SoCal yachting over a long period of time”. Our couple awarded this trophy for the 2020 year is Madeleine and Justin McJones, nominated by California Yacht Club. This couple have contributed leadership and expertise to three yacht clubs and to youth sailing through SCYYRA and others. They are the model of unselfish involvement.

Mort Bloom Trophy: This Trophy “recognizes excellence, commitment and duration of service by Judges, Umpires and Race Officers plying their skills in competitive sailing events”. The 2020 trophy goes to Becky Ashburn, nominated by the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs. Becky is a member of SDYC and serves on SDYC’s and other race committees. Her reputation nationally and internationally have earned her invitations to serve as Principal Race Officer (PRO) at regattas of all levels both within Southern California, around the United States, and in Mexico. Becky was recently recognized by US Sailing as a National Race Officer.

Sportsmanship Trophy: Annually awarded to in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding display of sportsmanship on and off of the water. This trophy is not limited to race crews and skippers. It may include support staff, judges, and others. The 2020 award recipient is Elizabeth Hjorth, nominated by California Yacht Club. A great job stepping up when you were needed, Elizabeth.

Maritime Order of the Golden Key Award: This trophy is awarded for “outstanding service to yachting communications by Amateur Radio operators” The 2020 trophy is presented to Richard Somers, nominated by Del Rey Yacht Club. In his 65 years of Amateur Radio experience, Richard has been an organizer, coordinator, author, instructor, net control, and about every other position you could imagine in ham radio.

James Webster Perpetual Trophy: recognizes an “individual who need not be actively engaged in sailing or racing, but has displayed an outstanding contribution to yachting”. This individual need not be a member or officer of a yacht club, a boat owner but is someone who has added to the sport of yachting. The 2020 awardee is Betsy Crowfoot Senescu. She was nominated by California Yacht Club and is a member of Los Angeles Yacht Club (and others). Betsy was a reporter at the Log and later branched into collaborating on video production covering sailing regattas. She is a Contributing Editor at Sailing and has freelanced at many other yachting publications.

Rescue Award: this trophy recognizes “an outstanding display of heroism and compassion within the sport of Yachting”. It may be awarded for actions on or off the water. The 2020 trophy is awarded to Carolyn & Sandra Sherman, nominated by the Cortez Racing Association for their rescue and recovery actions for a competitor’s solo skipper POB and his unmanned boat.

SCYA 2021 Directors
o Paul DeGraw
o Joyce Jackson-Coomber
o Themis Glatman
o Doug Green
o Kimberley Milligan
o Peter Phillips
o John Praiswater
o Owen Provence
o Marie Rogers
o Kathy St. Amant

SCYA 2021 Appointed & Elected Officers
o Secretary, Lorraine Coller
o Treasurer, Chris Haro
o Port Captain, Lee Coller
o Fleet Surgeon, Michael Stone M.D.
o Judge Advocate, Bruce Davis

SCYA 2021 Flag Officers
o Commodore, Bill McNamara
o Vice Commodore, Anne Eubanks
o Rear Commodore, John Caldwell

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