Seaerchlight, SCYA's Monthly Newsletter


THE SCYA SEARCHLIGHT is our monthly newsletter. Our news posts will be available here, as well as the full issue. The issues will be up soon as we continue developing the website.


RBOC REPORT TO SCYA Issues Facing Southern California Boaters February 2021 Submitted by Peter Phillips Topics in Report: San Pedro Bay Kelp Beds 250% Increase of Boat Registration Fees Boating Input to CA Fund Deficiency Plan Western States Plan for Abandoned and...

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TITLE HERE Topgallant reef sails mizzenmast bounty belaying pin Buccaneer piracy Privateer gangplank rigging. Piracy Barbary Coast yard chase gally wench come about killick flogging handsomely. Wench skysail strike colors fore lugger clipper list Nelsons folly Plate...

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