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Blue Water Cruising Club and burgee

PO Box 1683, Seal Beach, CA 90742
Founded 1945
Regular Member

Published in 1964
By Cass & Johansing Insurance Brokers
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The formation of the Blue Water Cruising Club came about in 1945, just prior to the end of World War II, at a time when boat. owners were chafing under their collars at the many re­strictions being imposed upon them by the government.

Early in 1945, a nucleus of 10 owners of cruising sail boats moored in one of the anchorages in the Outer Harbor, San Pedro, decided to band together to promote their mutual good and provide a general good time for themselves and their families. A set of rules and by-laws were evolved, which were peculiarly adapted to the promotion of the group as a cruising sailboat organization, but based primarily upon the family as a whole.

This is a great departure from many sailboat groups, where men formed the membership and the wives and children were only tolerated upon special occasions. Eventually the club was incorporated under California laws and the men and their wives became equal voting members. A maximum membership of 80 is maintained, and new members are accepted only by unani­mous decision of either the general membership or board of directors.

The membership is made up generally of families who own and sail cruising sail boats. At present this includes boats in many far lands, the most distant being the Acorn, owned by Steever and Rosemary Oldden, which at last report was in Palma, on Majorca Island.

Due to the fact that the member boats are usually cruising vessels which have adequate living facilities aboard, the mem­bers are more interested in using them, rather than a club house. So each year a schedule is established which takes them away from the harbor, principally to Catalina for weekends and farther when time permits.

To accommodate the group for ordinary weekends, a lease was made several years ago with ·the Catalina. Island Company for Big Geiger Cove, and this occupancy is still in effect, to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The use of this cove by the members and their children presents a most unusual picture to a casual visitor, for the rea­son that the close companionship of the large number of chil­dren makes it appear to be one large family. This truly is the spirit of the Blue Water Cruising Club. 

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